Uniplan 500

The Leister UNIPLAN 500 automatic welder is the new evolution for the technical textiles fabrication industry, perfectly suited for overlap, hem and piping of various industrial fabrics.

Available with 20mm, 30mm or 40mm pressure rollers.


  • Low-maintenance, brushless motor
  • Powerful hot air blower with 18,000 rpm for high welding power
  • Easy to use on the table, as well as on the floor
  • Integrated automatic lifting device making it easier to prepare and feed the material before welding
  • Automatic single motion nozzle engagement provides increased process safety
  • Programmable for up to 16 welding parameters
  • Manually adjustable swivel wheel to avoid obstacles

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Carr New Zealand is the authorised distributor for Leister products throughout NZ.

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