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CARR Group is the sole distributor of Leister and Weldy welding equipment for New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

Leister has spearheaded the development of Plastic Welding and Process Heat equipment for 70+ years. Servicing a broad range of sectors from Plastic Fabrication, Roofing membrane and Flooring vinyl through to Civil Engineering, Tarpaulin and Banner fabrication and Process heat to name a few.

Weldy sits under the Leister brand as a range of equipment targeted to the “Do it Yourself” sector.

Hot Air Welding

Grommet and Curtain Eyelet Setting Machines

Our range of grommet and eyelet setting machines covers electric and pneumatic powered, with manual through to automatic setting variants. Allowing our offering to service a broad range of fabrication sectors.

Eyelet & Grommet Machines

Grommets, Curtain Eyelets and Consumables

CARR Group offers a range of consumables to complement our offering to the fabrication sectors we support. Our grommet range covers; embossed, sheet, toothed, rolled rim and self-piercing grommets in stainless steel and brass.

We offer a broad colour range of curtain eyelets in both 40mm and 66mm size. Our consumables range covers Keder Edge, Keder Core, Plastic Weld Rod, Weldable Webbing and much more.


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Qualified overseas manufacturers, reliable and secure suppliers

We work alongside our customers, gaining practical knowledge and offering solutions for various applications.

We have committed significant time and research to qualifying overseas manufacturers, testing and securing reliable suppliers. Today we import significant volumes with strong growth. With our knowledge across a broad range of fabricating industries our customers often draw on that for various issues they are facing. As we work alongside our key clients we continue to grow and broaden our product range. We have a sales office and warehousing in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Haining in China, Auckland in New Zealand and Swansea, Massachusetts, in the USA.