Plastic Welding: FAQ

Only Thermoplastics can be welded. You must weld like for like plastic to achieve a structurally sound bond.

Along with our plastic identification chart, CARR Group offers Plastic Weld Rod test packs containing a range of common plastics, these test packs can assist you in identifying which plastic you are working with.

Yes, we have an in-house service department and a broad range of spare parts and accessories on hand.

Yes of course. Our staff are Leister trained and have experience across many industry sectors.

Being the exclusive distributor for Leister and Weldy equipment in New Zealand and Pacific Islands, we have access to a database of technical support via the Leister extranet. The data has been developed over 70+ years of research and development.

Along with our instructional video’s and technical data, we use a range of re-sellers across various industry sectors.